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Resort Report: Sextantio le Grotte Della Civita

Jul 29, 2014No Comments43 Views

visit Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita’s website My Experience The trip in to Matera was a bit on the sketchy side as my sisters and


Resort Report: Le Sirenus...

Visit the Le Sirenuse Website My Experience  Perfect for

Jul 24, 2014

Resort Report: CastaDiva ...

Go to CastaDiva’s website My Experience Driving along the

Jul 21, 2014



A True Gem: Polignano A Mare, Italy

Jul 23, 20142 Comments96 Views

A day trip from Matera The Puglia Cave Restaurant at Grotta Palazzese is what brought my sisters and I to spend the day in Polignano a

Cave Restaurant 2

Puglia Cave Restaurant: A...

From the very moment I laid eyes on the

Jul 18, 2014

Lake Como by Boat: A Phot...

Lake Como, Italy, is home to some of the

Jul 16, 2014

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A Review of Flying First Class on Emirates Boeing 777-300ER

Jul 15, 20141 Comment166 Views

Flying Emirates First Class is a destination in and of itself. No need to get where you are going quickly on this flight. It is so luxurious that

Four Seasons Seattle Pool

Seattle: An Up-and-Coming...

Well, it is almost time for me to wrap

Jul 02, 2014

Around the World by Priva...

This is itinerary two. To see itinerary one, click

Jun 25, 2014

Around the World by Priva...

In 2015, Four Seasons will offer three different itineraries

Jun 20, 2014



My Favorite Country in the World

Jun 28, 20142 Comments240 Views

A PHOTOJOURNAL To date, I’ve been to 26 countries. Out of those countries, this one takes the cake for so many reasons. I’m talking about

Seattle_Art small

Seattle WanderArt

Jun 26, 2014No Comments99 Views

Sometimes a place just inspires me to get creative!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 5.37.19 AM

Dear Diary…

Jun 19, 20141 Comment133 Views

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Maybe because I am so excited about the next few months. Today I


12 Luxury European Hotels I’ll be Reviewing This Summer

Jun 09, 20142 Comments312 Views

♥ “When I met you in the summer, to my heartbeat sound…” Well hello Italy, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, and Greece! Yep you read

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    TREEBONES RESORT: The good, The bad,

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     Inside of my cave suite at @sextantiolegrottedellacivita #matera #sassi #sextantio #luxurytravel #italy See more on my blog
     New post on the blog! Sassi di Matera is thought to be the first village of human dwellings in all of Italy. The entire town is carved into rock and features the luxury CAVE HOTEL @sextantiolegrottedellacivita #luxurytravel
     Penthouse view @shangrilaparis
     NEW BLOG POST: The most romantic and visually stunning hotel in the world! @lesirenuse
     A little fun in Polignano a Mare!